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Think of an issue or question. Let the cards flow past until one grabs your attention in relation to what you’re thinking. 


Further Instructions:

Stop the card, and contemplate what meaning the image has in answer for you. Take note of the colours, textures, backgrounds … what is about this that attracts you?  Now look at the card number and click here to see my ideas for interpretations.

Note: each card rarely means one thing. Pick one or more meanings that feel right for you, and always feel free to come up with your own! This deck is made with that in mind.

You might think “If I’m picking the cards face up, aren’t I just picking out what I want? Or know anyway?” Sometimes that’s true. The trick is to listen to your intuition when my meaning and your card amplify what you’re thinking or feeling. Let that amplification bring you to the next step. Run the cards again, and usually, you will find what is a likely outcome or action to take in that very next card you pick. If not, keep going until you feel that sudden “aha!” It will happen. That’s the card to bring the matter to understanding.

If you like, you can string the card names together to come up with a phrase you can use as well. Or make a visual storyboard consisting of the first three cards you land upon. It’s all up to you 🙂